Jack Henderson


   New Album - Where's The Revolution - Out Now!

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"If the injustices of the world leave you feeling helpless because there's so much wrong and so little you can do - buy Jack Henderson's new album...touches on greatness" - The Chronicle


"Jesus and Jezebel, Hey Batman, the excellent Nobody Gets Hurt and Donʼt Drink The Water, the first salvo of guns operated by an inquisitive, thinking mind, are fired, aimed directly at the hearts of those who would ensure we all remain docile, insignificant and amused by parlour tricks and the ever growing influence of television and social media" **** - Liverpool Sound and Vision


                   '...a powerful and beguiling singer/songwriter whose incisive songs and voice make him one of the most welcome arrivals for a very long time' - Glenn A Baker (Billboard)


'There's an ageless quality to Jack's songwriting, reminiscent of Leonard Cohen's wittier moments' - Clash Magazine


'Henderson's taste for a lugubrious line wryly delivered endures' -Rolling Stone